Our story started in Antalya in 1984 with the dream that wood could be custom processed for individuals and companies using developing technology. After 30 years, not only have we made this dream come true, we have also succeeded in representing quality and trust in Turkey and in the over 60 countries that we export to.

We started out with a small workshop where we produced profiles. Today we continue to create distinctive living areas for you with our quality and aesthetics in our modern Integrated MDF Industry facility with a production area of 400,000m2, the latest in technology, over 1000 employees and 8 different product groups.

As AGT we have become the first brand in Turkey to produce all of the wood materials that could be needed in a living space on our own by serving the furniture and decoration sectors with MDF, MELAMINE FACED MDF, panel, profile and cover production; and the construction sector with wood doors, wall panel and skirting board production. We are proud to be a leading company that is sought after in the sector with its trend setting color and surface choices. We strive to always be one step ahead by conducting R&D work combining our image of the living areas of tomorrow, our quality concept and criteria with our innovative approach.

We have never compromised on our ethical values and quality principles since the first day of our establishment. No matter how big or small our main goal for all of our customers, our employees and our business partners is quality, trend and improvement. Today we add color, style and sustainable vitality to the living areas of millions of people who place importance on quality and aesthetics in 5 different continents at over 1000 sales locations. We conduct all of our processes in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 quality system and produce all of our products in compliance with the E1 standards. Care for the health and environment of our employees and those who favor our products continues to be our number one priority in our production approach.

Today we continue to be decisive on our way to becoming a leading player, not just in our country but in the global arena, with our “Wood Developing Technology” vision based on long term strategic planning and priority for international standards; and the favorite those who focus on quality, aesthetics and style.

We continue on this journey of quality, which we started 30 years ago in a small workshop, without stopping for anything. We will continue to exist as long as we dream and continue to try and catch tomorrow, today.

Our Vision

To be a world brand that customers, employees and business partners are happy and proud to work with, that never compromises on its quality principles and ethical values, that is open to innovation and serves as a leader to its sector.


Our Mission

To combine wood with technology to create good quality, attractive and trend-setting products to add naturalness and beauty to living spaces, to be a leading brand that is the solution partner of all stakeholders in the sector with its products and services and a company that holds customer satisfaction as its principle.


People focused

AGT values people and human health in every aspect of products and services. AGT gives priority to human health in all of its processes from raw materials to production conditions.

The satisfaction of business partners is important as well as that of final customers to AGT:

– In the production facilities work safety, working conditions and similar matters are handled with the utmost caution.

– The company stands by all of its stakeholders outside of the company by providing all business partners with after sales services and technical support.

Development and quality focused

AGT operates with focus on constant development, R&D and Production Development supported production. AGT provides the best solutions to everyone it interacts with. No matter what the conditions are AGT provides services with 100% quality. This quality which starts in the production stage is carried all the way through to the after sales services stage.

The fact that AGT owns 327 product based protective and 19 patent/utility model trademarks is a clear indication of focusing on specific goals.

Respectful to the Environment

AGT sees leaving a livable, clean world to the next generation as its duty. As a company that embraces the future and the changes it brings, our environmental policy has been created accordingly as follows: Our policy is to comply with all laws and regulations to protect the environment and ensure its sustainability, to keep our impact on the environment under control and to reduces these effects by continuously imroving our environmental performance.

1984 – AGT’s foundations were laid in Antalya.

1994 – The company moved to the Antalya Organized Industry Zone.

1996 –  The profile production facility was established.

2004 – The panel production facility was established.

2006 –  The furniture door production facility was established.

2007 –  The door production facility was established.

2007 –  The composite deck production facility was established.

2014 – The 500,000 m3 yearly capacity Integrated MDF Facility was established.


AGT holds work ethics and the consciousness of being an institution above all. Therefore the company feels responsible not just towards its business relations but towards the entire community.

AGT in universities.

AGT has cooperated with Doğan Cüceloğlu to increase the personal awareness of young people and help them clarify their goals for the future. Under the sponsorship of AGT Cüceloğlu travelled throughout Turkey for his “8 Cities, 8 Universities, 8 Discussions” tour. The project, which started in 2012 and took place in 8 universities continues to meet with young people in the other cities of Anatolia.

AGT supports young communication specialists.

AGT established Turkey’s first communication publications library at the Akdeniz University Communication Faculty to encourage young people to explore their field. The Communication Library, realized under the main sponsorship of AGT, holds publications and periodicals published in Turkey on communication, art and culture. Having set out with the idea of creating a great future for its great country, AGT is able to enjoy the pleasure of giving the gift of a world full of books to young people.

AGT takes care of its city.

The health and existence of the public is as important to AGT as producing healthy products. This is why AGT started working in cooperation with the Antalya Security Directorate Community Supported Branch on the POLİROBOT project. The projects aims to reduce loss of life from traffic accidents and create generates that are highly respectful of and knowledgable about traffic rules.

Green is in the ‘nature’ of AGT!

– Since 2013 AGT has been conducting the collection of used batteries project with the Portable Battery Producers and Exporters Association (TAP). Implementing the project at every point the company can reach it has literally become a hub of used battery collection. The project has succeeded in collecting nearly 100 kg of used batteries to date.

– As a Producer of Packaging Waste, AGT makes sure that the internal and transport packagings of the products it sells are recycled. Since 2005, out of all the product packages released to the market 5,300 tons were recycled.

– Working with the Consumer and Environment Education Foundation (TÜKÇEV) since 2013, AGT trains its personnel in the framework of this project. The company works with recycling facilities licensed by the Ministry of the Environment and Urbanization to dispose of the recyclable materials in the factory.

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AGT Ağaç Sanayi Ve Ticaret Anonim Şirketi

The Company Headquarters:

Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Akdeniz Bulvarı

5158 Ada 27636 Ada 1 Parsel / Antalya

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Chairman of the Board of Directors


Members of the Board of Directors

Mehmet Semih SÖYLEMEZ
Mustafa Hulusi SÖYLEMEZ

Paid Capital: 150.000.000,00 TL

Board of Directors Decisions:

Persons Authorized to Represent and Bind the Company

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The Human Resources Policy

AGT values its employees with “priority for people”. The company respects the rights and freedoms of its employees. Ethical values are important for AGT and all employees are approached with this philosophy. AGT aims to continue the company culture it possesses.

As a company that is open to change and innovation, that can adapt to technological developments and constantly strives for growth and improvement, AGT expect the same approach from its employee and supports them in line with these goals.

AGT places priority on society, laws, moral values, work safety rules and applications and the quality standards has committed to. AGT expects all of its employees to operate with these same priorities.

AGT aims to add value to its employees, suppliers, their families and the community.

Work Safety Policy

One of AGT’s most important objectives is to provide a healthy, peaceful and happy working enviroment for its employees and to be a preferred business. AGT believes that in order to reach this goal the work and the workplace must first be a safe place for everyone. AGT takes all necessary precautions on the subject of Work Health and Safety and helps employees protect their physical and mental health.

Human Resources Power

Deriving its greatest strength from its “Emotional Capital”, AGT has always been proud of its work force of nearly 1000 employees and potential to be able to provide the highest employment opportunity in the area. AGT supports employees both from a professional and a personal improvement aspect, and forms its Human Resources power in line with its plans and strategies for the future. The company see the “AGT family” as a great power that includes the families of employees.

The Recruitment and Succession Plan

Different tests and inventories special to the positions are applied in the recruitment process. Also in all of the processes of recruiting for administrative and higher positions an “assessment center” application is implemented to choose the best leaders for the departments.

In addition to the right candidate for AGT approach, the correct working philosophy for candidates constitutes the greatest distinction of the company.

Training and Improvement

AGT strives to provide the training and development support that is necessary to ensure the needs of the company and the professional and individual development of employees. Employees are supported with technical and institutional training, individual development, MBA programs and Leadership Schools.

Assessment Center Work

AGT believes in a culture of feedback and its effect on development. This is why the company implements Assessment Center Applications to support employees discovering their strengths, preparing for the future and focusing their potential correctly within the company. Cooperation is developed with completely independent and internationally accredited companies as methodology in line with systems that are generally accepted worldwide and with priority for the management team.

Performance Management System

The AGT Performance Management System aims to generalize the goals that are determined in line with company strategies across all levels of the company and raise amployee performance to the highest level towards these shared goals.

Everyone is striving for the same goal at AGT!

“Determining and generalizing goals”, “tracking goals”, “interim assessments”, “year end assessments” and “feedback” comprise the AGT Performance Management System.

After the strategic goals of AGT are determined at the beginning of the year they are generalized throughout the Executive Board and management and all other sublevels in line with the instructions of the Board of Directors.

The yearly goals of employees are determinined during the goal setting meeting at the beginning of the year between administrators and employees. The realizations of these goals are monitored throughout the year and corrective measures are taken.

At the end of the year employees meet with their department supervisors to assess performance and present feedback.

Personal improvement plans are created as output of this feedback. The success of employees is measured and rewarded according to the realization of goals. The output of the Performans Management System creates the basis for determining salaries and promotions.

Salaries and Vested Benefits

A salary system that is fair, position specific and standardized in line with work assessment methodology and market comparison is practiced at AGT.

Therefore a salary system that is based on the assessment of work and content regardless of title and individual is preferred. AGT, which implements ‘fare’ wages instead of ‘equal wages’ based on the discipline that ‘’it is unfair to treat two things that are not equal in an equal manner”, continues to develop systems and processes that will bring forth competitive superiority and successful performance.

Our Available Positions

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